Sea and Air Experts an authorized agent for MNS International a one-on-one expert service guarantees customer satisfaction. Its experienced freight and Logistics departments applies cost effective rates with best possible routing to forward any shipment quickly. The company's team of professionals includes experts in household goods and commercial goods.

Sea and Air Experts and MNS International serves as a one stop shop for all sea and air import and export shipping and logistics services, with regularly scheduled consolidations and export to over 100 destinations, as well as wide Logistics Solutions. Its vast umbrella of supporting services includes packaging, warehousing and distribution, door-to-door delivery, marine insurance, P.O. Matching, drop services, Special Project Management, Perishables Logistics, Hazardous Material Handling and more. With its strong global presence, Sea and Air Experts  & MNS Intl covers all its customers' shipping needs, to and from any destination.

Our mission statement not only reflects our desire to serve our customers with dedication and professionalism, it governs the way we conduct our business. It provides us with direction and purpose.

For generations of dedicated service, Sea and Air Experts  and MNS Intl has been transporting goods and vehicles to every city in the country and overseas. We offer competitive rates, competent customer service and a superb record of satisfaction with our customers.

If you're planning to move, either within the continental United States or overseas, Sea and Air Experts makes sure your household goods and vehicles are not left behind - wherever life takes you.


Our entire team remains at your disposal. To find out more and get a competitive shipping quote & reliable service Contact us now.