Sea and Air Experts, specializing in international auto shipping, we are able to offer our clients port to port roll on / roll off service for all type of vehicles, watercrafts & heavy equipments.

Roll On/Roll Off Service 
(Ro/Ro) This is typically the most affordable method for transporting cars overseas.

The simplest description of a Ro/Ro vessel would be a floating parking lot. The cars are driven into the vessel at the port of loading, secured within the ship and then simply driven out of the vessel at the port of destination. All automobiles are protected from the elements in enclosed cargo decks. This form of international auto shipping can provide an affordable, as well as dependable option for transporting automobiles overseas. Oversized boats which are too large to fit inside of a container as well as construction equipment are typically shipped in a Roll on/Roll off vessel.

A Ro/Ro vessel has a ramp which opens up to allow the vehicles to be driven into the vessel. The vessel will have approximately five cargo decks which are lowered and raised depending on the nature of the cargo being shipped.       

Once the vehicles are driven into the vessel, they are lashed to the cargo decks with nylon straps in order to secure them.


When shipping your vehicle on a Ro/Ro vessel there are certain important regulations which must be followed:  


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