Prior to moving day, you will be involved in preliminary packing (the consolidation and packing of your belongings mostly unbreakable such as linens, books, pots, toys, etc.) into cartons.

On moving day our professional team of packers will arrive at your home with specially designed cartons, padded materials and, if necessary, custom-built boxes to safety pack your furniture, the remainder of goods, including breakables.

Sea & Air Experts assures you a safe and reliable transport of your belongings. Our Carriers are specially trained in packing and crating and we are able to offer unsurpassed packing services.

When all items are packed a detailed inventory will be made, the goods will then either be loaded to a container or delivered to the carrier warehouse for crating / palletizing. Or from the warehouse the crates and / or pallets will be delivered to a NVOCC or a freight forwarder receiving terminal to be consolidated in a container for ocean or air freight.



Materials needed for your International Move. These items can be purchased at a hardware or moving supply store such:

Helpful tip: newspaper can transfer ink to your contents. Clean wrapping paper can be purchased at an office supply or moving supply company. 1-2 large rolls should be enough for your packing needs.
Helpful tip: if you do not have a supply yourself, these can be purchased inexpensively at thrift stores.

An inventory form which your sales consultant can provide you by e-mail or fax

Helpful Tips for your Inventory:

Helpful tips for packing boxes:

Helpful tips for furniture:


Our company warehouse is able to accommodate duly packed household goods for any period of time, on both a short or long-term basis. Your stored items are kept safe and secure in our facility. Our warehouse is served by employees trained to keep your belongings safe, dry and clean.