Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the most common type of auto transport?

Open Trailer auto shipping is the most common type of auto transport. You’ll often see Open Trailer transport vessels along just about any major roadway in America.

2. What is the most standard service?

Open transport is our standard service and should be the best and most affordable option for you!

3. What is the type of service I will experience with Sea & Air Experts Auto Transport?

Door to door direct transport is the type of service you will experience.

4. What is beneficial about door to door direct transport?

Transporting your vehicle this way will prevent the vehicle from being operated by anyone. Your vehicle will remain on the same vessel the entire transport, which will eliminate terminals, rotation from truck to truck, and last but not least, it will be transported in a safe and timely manner. Let’s not forget that your vehicle will be picked up and delivered to the addresses provided to us, unless it is a restricted area for the driver or an area he cannot get too in a safely manner.

5. When can my vehicle be moved/picked up?

Due to the large network of drivers we have established, we can offer to move the vehicle at the customer’s request. Notification is very import as we can save you some money if notice is given. We also can offer our expedited service for next day pick up if necessary.

6. Can I track my vehicle?

Yes, online tracking is a new feature we added for our customers to track their vehicles. It is as simple as typing in your reference number to be provided with online tracking information. We also have a customer service department where you can be helped with tracking or any questions you may have regarding your car transportation.

7. How will I know my vehicle will be safe?

Dealing with a large network of trucks Sea & Air Experts has chosen the best haulers in the industry to deal with. All drivers are fully licensed, insured, and bonded. All information is provided prior to picking your vehicle up. You are also greeted with a full inspection on your vehicle upon pick-up and delivery to make sure that you vehicle is delivered in the condition it is picked up in. If at all anything happens during shipping the insurance is Primary and has a 0 deductible to the customer.

8. How does the inspection process work?

Inspections are handled in a professional manner. When our drivers arrive at the origin they will do a full inspection of the vehicle where all is noted on paper for the customer to sign. When the vehicle arrives at the destination, the same process is done to make sure that the vehicle is delivered in the same condition it was picked up.

9. Choosing Sea and Air Experts for International Shipping

Sea and Air Experts are here to provide custom solutions. Our staff will not only assist you with documentation and customs we will assist with door to door delivery and a hassle free insurance on all of your items. 

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