Car shipping to Israel. 

In order to ship a car or motorcycle to Israel, you will need to have clean title meaning no liens from any lander 
You can’t ship a car or motorcycle under lease or financing program.

Cars that are 2 years or 4 years older than 2016 can be shipped only if you are a returning citizen (Toshav Chozer) older than that you must be a new immigrant (Oleh Chadash) to Israel. 

Shipping Classic or Antique Cars are only allowed for vehicles 30 years and older which is the law in Israel.

You will need the following for the importation:

·         Your Israeli Driver's License

·         A letter from Ministry of Transportation approving personal import for the specific vehicle

·         A letter from the vehicle's authorized importer stating they are willing to supply parts for the vehicle  

·         Your driver's license from overseas

·         You must obtain your "import license" prior to the vehicle's arrival in Israel. If not, there will be a 5% fine. You can do this over the internet on the Ministry of Transportation web site (

In addition, the vehicle must be manufactured in the country you are leaving unless car is being imported from Europe in which case there is no restriction on place of manufacture.

International car shipping rate East Coast Only: 

          *   Midsize vehicles are $1,250.00
Large vehicles are $1,350.00

Rates includes: Consolidation, Loading & Securing in container, Title validation, AES filling and Ocean frieght to Port Ashdod or Haifa

Service locations are from New Jersey / New York, Baltimore, Savannah Georgia, Miami, Florida. 
Auto transport is avilable from any poit in the USA to any port for consolidation & shipping  

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