• Visa
  • Letter of transfer from the shipper’s employer
  • "Attestation reservation de cale"
  • Inventory in French, detailed, valued and signed and dated by the shipper
  • Insurance Certificate
  • International Certificate of Vaccination


  • Tobacco products
  • New electrical items are subject to Customs duties and import taxes
  • Invoices of all electrical items and furniture must be more than six months old
  • Home computers are not accepted as personal effects and will be subject to Customs duties and import taxes


  • Alcohol and distilling equipment are prohibited and should be sent separately
  • Weapons, ammunition and military equipment
  • Drugs and narcotics
  • Printed matter and audio/video materials
  • Food
  • Matches and poisonous substances


  • Duties are applicable on new cars
  • RTL (Redevance sur Traitement de Liquidation) tax applies
  • Documents required for new or used autos:
    • Original Commercial Invoice
    • Insurance Certificate
    • Value Certificate
    • Document stating vehicle engine capacity