• Passport (original) – (If issued within last two years the old passport is also required)
  • Work Permit for non-Kenyan citizens
  • Baggage Declaration Form C-18 signed by customer
  • Bank Release
  • Inventory in English, valued and detailed showing the number of packages and in triplicate
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Invoices for electrical items and serial numbers
  • Certificate of change of address


  • Goods are subject to 100% Customs verification
  • Used household goods and personal effects are duty-free for returning Kenyan citizens provided they have resided outside Kenya for a minimum of two years and effects are imported within three months of owner's arrival
  • Non-Kenyan citizens (first time arrivals) are permitted to import used household goods and personal effects duty-free within three months of Work Permit being issued
  • Kenyan citizens who have resided for more than two years outside Kenya are not entitled to import used household goods and personal effects duty-free
  • Household goods must have been in owner’s possession for at least one year prior to import. If new, duty will be charged at the current rates.


  • Alcoholic beverages
  • New items (may require Import License and are subject to payment of Customs duties and taxes)
  • Fabric pieces
  • Trade goods or goods for sale or disposed to other persons
  • Aircraft and vessels of all kinds
  • Used machinery
  • All computers whether new or old (except under diplomatic status) or unless imported by a student who is studying computer studies


  • Weapons, silencers, ammunitions, toy guns and explosives, including tear gas
    • Firearms require a certificate to be issued by Nairobi Firearms Bureau for import
  • Plants, seeds, bulbs, fresh fruit and vegetables (unless a permit is obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture stating plants are free from disease)
  • Pornographic material
  • Drugs
  • Political literature


  • Importation highly restricted and time consuming
  • First time arrivals to Kenya and returning Kenyan citizens residing outside Kenya for a minimum of two years are permitted to import ONE auto duty-free provided:
    • Auto is more than three months old and has been registered in owner's name for more than three months
    • Auto is less than 2,500 cc
    • Auto is not sold within 12 months of import
    • Owner's Work Permit has been approved for first time arrivals to Kenya
    • Owner is 18 years of age or older
  • Documents required:
    • Import Declaration Form (IDF), Clean Report (IDF) and Clean Report Finding (CRF)
    • Authority to import vehicle letter
    • Log Book
    • Certificate of Registration (indicate engine and chassis number, first date of registration and engine capacity)
    • Certificate of local value
    • Passport (if issued within last two years, the old passport is also required)
    • Customs C15 Form
    • New autos require invoice bearing engine and chassis number
    • Work Permit


  • Import permit must be obtained from the Veterinary Department at Kabete, Nairobi prior to shipping
  • Up to date Vaccination Certificate from country of origin must be provided on arrival
  • Dogs and cats are exempt from Value Added Tax but are dutiable
  • Birds and bird eggs are prohibited