• Customers taking up permanent residence in Monaco require the following documents:
    • Certificate of Change of Residence (Attestation de Non-Cession) stating Customer has lived abroad for at least one year, has owned items for more than three months and that goods will not be sold for 12 months from importation
    • Detailed inventory which is valued, signed, dated and in duplicate
    • Customers establishing secondary residence require the following documents:
      • Authorization Certificate from the Regional Customs Directorate in triplicate
      • Detailed inventory which is valued and in triplicate
      • Proof of ownership or renting of residence
      • Proof of normal residence abroad


    • For Customers taking up permanent residence, household goods and personal effects are duty-free provided Customer has been abroad for at least one year and items have been used at least three months
    • For Customers establishing secondary residence, household goods and personal effects are duty-free provided Customer has used the goods for at least three months in an EC country (six months in a non-EC country), he owns or rents the secondary residence for a minimum period of 12 months if his primary residence is another EC country (24 months if in a non-EC country) and he does not sell or trade those items for one year after importation from a EC country (two years from a non-EC country)
    • If second shipment anticipated, it must be stated at the time of first importation


    • Alcohol
    • Tobacco products
    • Foodstuff
    • Raw material and semi-finished products
    • Medicine (must have authorization to import from the Ministry of Health)
    • Firearms and ammunition (Import Permit must be provided by the Directorate General of Customs)
    • Antiques may require a license


    • Narcotic drugs
    • Live plants


    • Autos can be imported duty-free provided:
      • Owner is moving his principle residence to Monaco
      • Owner has been abroad for more than one year
      • Has owned auto for at least six months
    • MUST BE LISTED ON THE INVENTORY (giving year, make, model chassis, engine and registration numbers) even if not accompanying household goods
    • Cars may be loaded in container with household goods, but must be near doors
    • Documents required:
      • Registration
      • Attestation from French Consulate at origin
      • Purchase invoice


    • Dogs, cats and birds require a Health Certificate from a veterinarian