From the first time I contacted you about shipping this car which was before I even purchased it, you have been great! I never would have dreamed I would go overseas, purchase a car, and have it shipped back in a cargo container. Looking back, it was quite a complex ordeal, but throughout the whole process I didn’t feel like it was big deal. Your knowledge and expertise kept me from feeling nervous, scared, or overwhelmed.
Though I have not met you, I feel like we are friends. I always felt like this shipment was more than a shipment to you. I felt that you cared for it as if it was your own.
The car arrived from Japan just as it was when I personally delivered it to your agent’s warehouse. Thank you for taking such good care of my car and the whole process. Thank you for the quick responses to my questions whether it be during business hours or after, or on weekends. Thank you for the very personal, professional, and great service. I couldn’t be happier!