Lois Robertson-Douglass

to Sales

I am writing to say thank you for a very efficient and pain free experience, so far, shipping my household goods to Jamaica. It all started when I first spoke to Ron Eliasi on the phone. I had spent the better portion of the week trying to get a reasonable quote for my move. As soon as I spoke to Ron, I knew this was the person I wanted to do business with. There was something about him that was genuinely trustworthy although I had not met him personally, nor had I done business with him before. For me to say this is very interesting, as I am very leery about people, and add to this, only meeting Mr. Eliasi on the phone! But It was the best decision I made about doing business with Sea & Air Experts and Ron!

Ron never refused to take a call from me, ( and I called a lot!!); he was never grumpy, even when he was not well; he came through on everything he said he would do. I could not ask for more! I would also like to say thank you to the two gentlemen who picked up my boxes in Orlando. They were great!! Thank you.

Really, the big job begins when I get to Jamaica!!!

I will tell all my friends, family, etc., how painless this process was, and encourage them to do business with Ron Eliasi at Sea & Air Experts.

Thank you Ron,

Lois Robertson-Douglass